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these people may just naturally be good at inventing things, coming up with theories and talking in groups and making friends/connections. : southnode in 5th house / mnemosyne in 5th house they most likely have artistic talents that they have taken with them from their past life or they were exposed to art and music in their early years. Astrology Observations: Cancer Moon. they could own similar items as they did in their past life or have similar tastes as they did in their past life (same likes and dislikes). Lilith 10H/Uranus 10H t end to refuse to fit into the society; inclination to protest against everything. By taking part in astrological observations, we can uncover hidden truths about ourselves and the world around us. Its me Im bitches. they are conservative. Uranus in the 10th house of a solar return chart can indicate a change in your career. The twelve zodiac signs all possess unique qualities that make them distinct from one another. Information on Evolutionary Astrology and also Steven Forrest Astrology. Astro observations: houses version part 1 (1-6) Hi everyone I'm back with another Astro observation post! because of that, in this lifetime, these individuals may be naturally talented with money managing, saving money or counting money or anything to do with finance. I barely did any homework and I didnt study and my classmates always thought I was too careless and that I wasnt going to make it anywhere. the skills you have taken from your past life or your early life. they have special bonds with their pets. they might have also been badly betrayed by those they trusted in their past life. Astrology observations? ex: in libra 9th house = you may meet them in foreign lands or in college/a place of learning, you will find them attractive. an example of this is @mystiicwinter, the little symbols she adds in her posts and also the gifs? I have aries ascendant, I am pretty fast at running and I have fast reaction speed and reflexes. lovelock (51663) in JUNO/GROOM (5129)/BRIEDE (19029) PERSONA CHART tells you what will keep you/get you and your person together. basically where youre most wild. ex: taurus mars = their clothes, money, scent, or even neck. It explores how different planetary alignments affect relationships between individuals and their environment. It explains how the zodiac signs interact with each other and how they affect our personal relationships and decisions. pssst! goddess of memory (past, present and future), inspiration and language. With this information, we will unlock new opportunities and pave the way to a more fruitful future. another interpretation of this placement is that s*x for them is hard to forget (for good or for bad) and other people dont forget about s*x with them too, its like once in a lifetime experience. mars is in 8th, it will most likely hurt or perhaps the pain/cause will be unnoticeable, it could also happen quite quick. Cancer moon people tend to really struggle with handling deeper emotions due to their deep attachment to them. self conscious. Astrology Zone. It is difficult stealing anything from them. March 2, 2023. ALSO, ID LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU TO MY TEST SUBJECTS FOR HELPING ME MAKE THESE OBSERVATIONS <3. theyre usually the bitches that get excited over a 0.5mm black marker. Astrology Observations . also please do not reword or copy my observations. I know this is obvious but I want to make this post longer, those with SCORPIO OR 8TH HOUSE MOON have mothers that are associated with death in a way. for example, if theyre naturally talented at drawing, they may have been an artist in their past life. I have scorpio rising where moon also sits, at home I am very secretive and also emotional, no one ever knows how Im feeling or what Im up to. Astrology observations I made pt 25. emotions are their weakness, they are scared of being hurt. I have it in pisces 10th house, our reputation and career will get us together. Astrology Observations: Solar Returns #2. Those who have predominant Aries placements love to show affection through physicality. thats that combination for ya (ofc it depends on the rest of the chart). Its a blessing to even lay your eyes on them. they also show others that you need to defend yourself and step into your power, you cant let people walk all over you. youre most likely experienced and used to the themes of the house your southnode is in. I noticed that HOUSES are also important in SYNASTRY. : pisces moon spouse has watery or downturned or round eyes, airbrushed smooth looking skin, can be quite short, thin lips, luscious hair, could like to wear makeup, looks like a 90s heartthrob. Your Daily MomScope for March 02, 2023. Practical applications: Understand yourself. #greenscreenvideo i love making these LMFAOOO #fyp #scorpio #foryou #foryoupage #viral #horoscopedaily #astrologyobservations #astrologymemes #horoscopememes #jokes #scorpiomemes. Language Of Birthdays: May 30 - Gemini. this could also apply to. venus in virgo or 6th house in groom/briede/persona chart or even natal chart can mean that your spouse could be from work or you will work with your spouse or collaborate with them at one point. soulmate-like relationship. Im not anymore ofc. whatever house this asteroid is in, those house themes most likely impact you and your life in a way, most likely because of your past life. they could be running from a bear and still not scream. MNEMOSYNE IN CAPRICORN / 10TH HOUSE those with this placement are remembered for their ambitions, achievements, career and social status. The Babylonians were among the most influential ancient cultures regarding astrology. In conclusion, astrology is a powerful tool that allows us to better know ourselves and better understand the world in which we live. Aquarius is often regarded as the 'quirky' 'unconventional' and 'electrifying' placement. while we wait for my appointment, please do not repost, plagiarize, "reword" my observations / work. TONE (1266) can tell you how you come across as to people by how you speak. these people may also know a lot of random facts and know definitions for lots of words, these people have good memory. angellkisses-deactivated2022110. For several millennia, the desire to improve astrological predictions was one of the main motivations for astronomical observations and theories. Astrology Observations (Based on my *personal* experiences) This post is inspired by @zeldasnotes post about her personal experiences with certain placements etc.. CAPRICORN / 10TH HOUSE PLACEMENTS no matter how patient or 'chill their rising or mars sign is, if you make them do something while theyre focused on something else or when theyre working, theyll literally get so annoyed with you. Give full credits if reposted - Karolina. AQUARIUS DOMINANT these people are confusing. 3rd or 11th house - you most likely find memes and vine references funny. for example, if they have respiratory problems, they might have breathed in a lot of dust or any kind of particles because of their work in their past life. people with AQUARIUS PLACEMENTS that I know (including me) have poor circulation and usually have cold hands and feet and thats because aquarius is related to the circulatory system and uranus is the coldest planet! they should pay attention to their birthmarks if they have any (search about birthmarks and past lives). Momscope is here to help. for instance, their desk needs to be exactly like their ideal desk (that they probably got from Pinterest LMAO) and they need their ideal art supplies (like high quality coloured pencils) before they can do some artwork. they could be running from a bear and still not scream. these people have the strong desire to be in the higher class because they may have been wronged in their past life by people of power and learnt that nothing matters as long as you have a good social status. Your email address will not be published. A new book by American data scientist Alexander Boxer, who has a doctorate in physics, aims to shift that view. ex: gemini rising = arms and hands, perhaps you have attractive hands, long arms or you have tattoos on your arms. I have sagittarius rising where mars and pluto sits, my alter ego is dat bitch that is intelligent and knows how to fight and is also seductive. others would say their taste in people is kinda odd..maybe even broken. GEMINI MARS/MERCURY or GEMINI in 2ND/3RD/5TH HOUSE actually have many hobbies, they are very talented. While some are considered more outgoing or creative than others, each sign has its own unique character traits that can help us better understand ourselves and our relationships with those around us. If someone else's Venus makes a square to your Ascendant, this does not always mean they don't find you attractive! the sign your VENUS/MARS and maybe EROS is in can tell you about what clothes/accessories/things you find attractive on others and what you like to wear yourself (check degrees and house for other signs influencing your venus/mars/eros). so like, when someone falls or acts something out. having aquarius or sagittarius in 1st house or mostly covering 1st house can mean that, whether it be because of your appearance (huge height difference, huge age gap, different ethnicities, etc). : mars in 5th house you may meet them at a party, at a park, at a theatre, acting class, art class, arcade, bowling, a place where children are, some place artistic or fun. MNEMOSYNE IN LIBRA / 7TH HOUSE those with this placement are remembered for their fair, sociable, diplomatic and artistic self. the reason why I think this happens is because your descendant is your other half and you attract people with similar placements as your descendant persona chart because you are supposed to get along with those placements and learn from them so that youll be ready for when you meet your soulmate or whatever. AQUARIUS NEPTUNE people are so awkward in front of the camera wth stop with the peace signs and thumbs up (ofc it depends on the house and aspects). (especially the throat restriction part). also, my intuition shows up as ideas. well, If people know little about you, they cant know your weaknesses and cant hurt you. This is especially true of Uranus is making a square to your Moon that year! because of that, they came in this lifetime with the purpose of bringing change to society which is why they are passionate about world causes and equality. those with this placement carry fears and trauma from their past life so they most likely have the same fears/traumas as they did in their past life. what does unsupervised custody mean in virginia, westminster preschool,